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Videos by Director/Speaker Tom Stapleton

Passover Type Meets Antitype (87 min.) NEW

Many people believe we are living in the time of the end, including the video's presenter. Tom has been studying the prophecies of the companion books Daniel and Revelation and their given time periods: 1260, 1290, 1335 as well as the 2300. In this video, Tom gives a detailed explanation of these times and how they fit in with the festival calendar found in the Law of Moses.

For the Gentiles at Colossae - Apostolic Law 101 

Part 1 (of 2, 58 min)  NEW

In this video, Tom leads out a complete read-through of the Book of Colossians (The epistle to the Gentiles at Colossae). This presentation serves as a comprehensive overview wherein the viewer will be greatly blessed by the apostle Paul's teaching while also receiving an undeniable sense of rapport with the apostle.

Part 2 (67 min)

Who is Israel (58 min)

This question "Who is Israel?" comes to us because the Apostle Paul in Romans chapters 9 through 11 speaks of the nation of Israel in connection with salvation. He tells us "for they are not all Israel who are of Israel" (Rom 9:6) then in Rom 11:26 he tells us that "all Israel will be saved". What does this mean? This video presentation takes you through the New Testament and clearly demonstrates who, at the time of the end, is considered the Israel of God according to His Word and not man's. If there is any question in your mind about who God considers to be Israel please take time to view this video; it is a step-by-step walk through the Bible making the answer to this question very clear.

The Day of Atonement Part 1 (of 5, 38 min)

This video about the judgment is a must-see for everyone. The Bible declares that “we shall all stand before the Judgment seat of Christ.” The Day of Atonement - bar none - is the most important day on God’s festival calendar of events for the time of the end. Just as the Messiah died on the very day of Passover we can expect the closing scenes of the plan of salvation to happen according to the Sanctuary times; the Day of Atonement, the close of judgment, being the most important. This presentation is divided into five segments. It is necessary to include this amount of information because this appointed time is of such importance. Everyone needs to have a good grasp of what this day means to those who will live through its fulfillment. I greatly encourage you to take the time to view the complete presentation and share it with those you love.

Part 2 (51 min)  Part 3 (76 min) 

Part 4 (52 min)  Part 5 (37 min)

Biblical Feast Days  (46 min)

Considering the Biblical feast days? If you are, this video will demonstrate that not only do the feasts point back to important events in salvation history, they also foreshadow what is to come as earth's history comes to a close.

Conditional Prophecy (107 min.)

To many people this is a foreign idea; isn't God somehow bound to keep every promise He has ever made? A careful study of the Word shows that this is not true. In fact, the opposite is true, the conditionality of prophecy is what is taught biblically.

The Mark of the Beast (76 min)

The strongest warning in all of Scripture is against not only those who enforce the Mark of the Beast but also to those who accept it. We must know what this "mark" is that carries such a fearful penalty.

The Kingdom of Heaven Part 1 (105 min)

If you are considering taking the God of Heaven up on His offer of eternal life, you really should know what you are getting yourself into - eternity is a long time. After seeing this presentation you will never want to trade His Kingdom for anything this world offers.

The Kingdom of Heaven Part 2 (96 min)

"Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man the things that God has prepared for those that love Him." Watch these videos on the kingdom and recommend it to someone you love - they will be encouraged.

The Jerusalem Council (96 min)

What was the crisis that required all the leaders to attend a general council in Jerusalem to prevent a major split of the early Christian church? How is one saved? - the Law of Moses and circumcision? or the blood of the Messiah? or both? Just what are the obligations of those "who were/are turning to God?"

The Signal Event Part 1 (of 3), 109 min.

What is the "trigger" that spirals us into the abyss of the "time of the end"? This 3-part series reveals a compressed picture of end-time events as revealed to Daniel, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John the Revelator. Learn what will transpire at "the time of the end" and also the one critical event that will begin "the time of the end," so we may know when it is here.

Part 2 (106 min)  Part 3 (114 min)

The Daily of Daniel Part 1 (84 min)

A topic of hot debate for decades. This presentation finally makes sense out of the riddle. The taking away of the daily is talking about an event of a magnitude this world has never seen and it is within a few short years of happening. We must know what this is.

The Daily of Daniel Part 2 (71 min)

The Millennium (89 min.)

As we approach the long-awaited 7th Millennium there will be more and more attention drawn to this subject. The most common belief is that Jesus will return to begin a 1000-year reign on earth. But is this belief really biblical? This presentation looks at what the Bible really says on this important topic

Videos by Associate Speaker Ray Foucher

Avoiding Pitfalls in Bible Study (53 min)

This video identifies some of the common and not-so-common mistakes people make in their methods of scripture study. As you walk the narrow way in pursuit of Bible truth you should be aware of some subtle mistakes that could lead you astray. Avoid falling into the ditch in your walk with the Savior. Presented live April 16, 2014 at the His Truth Seekers Unleavened Bread convocation at Oyama, B.C.

We hope you enjoy these video Bible studies. More will be added in the future.

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